Stressed-Out Lawns

Remember how lush and green your lawn was in the spring and early summer? You loved it. Then August hit and things started to go downhill from there (unless you carefully and regularly watered your lawn, that is!)

Now that summer is quickly fading away, it’s time to start thinking of what you can do to keep your lawn in good condition and prepare it not only for the rest of the year, but also for the next growing season.

The first thing to remember is not to cut grass too low. You have mowed your lawn a dozen times or more, and you are tired of it, right? That’s normal. So your inclination might be, “Well, the lawn is almost done so I’ll just cut it shorter and cut it less frequently.” Don’t forget that taller grass is able to withstand the elements better, not just less rainfall but also fighting off invading weeds.

This is a good time to aerate your lawn. You can hire a professional lawn company to do this for you, or rent a machine for do-it-yourself lawn care enthusiasts. This opens up the soil so moisture can penetrate and help roots to draw moisture and nutrients into the visible grass blades. This helps the lawn continue to grow through the fall and even prepares it for the next spring.

Lastly, consult your local home improvement center and determine, according to where you live and winter weather conditions, the type of fertilizer treatment you can use in the fall to prepare your lawn for winter. Studies show that fall fertilization practices is really good for the health of your lawn.

Hurry up, before the snow flies!

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