Disaster Assistance

When something happens to your home, something that damages it, you have one thought in mind: What you can do to fix it and repair it so you can get on with your lives.

That damage can come from many sources. It can be a tree falling onto your roof. It can be water seeping into the basement. It can be water gushing from a broken pipe. It can be from a failed sump pump. It can even be more catastrophic, such as from high winds or even a hurricane, if you live in parts of the country that are subject to those types of storms.

When any of these issues occur, someone has to pay for the repairs. That’s where professional disaster restoration companies come to the rescue. They have the know-how and expert skills to fix any issues that arise from disaster restoration situations.

But again… someone has to pay…

You might be thinking that your homeowner’s insurance plan will cover any disasters that might occur. The typical insurance plan does cover most issues — but not all. Some of them do not cover specific types of flooding situations. If a pipe outside your home, such as an outside spigot, were to break and flood your home, that may not be covered. Every policy is somewhat different.

It’s smart — in advance — to discuss with your insurance agent about what is covered and what is not, and to get a handle on your deductible, as you are responsible for that in the event of a loss.

When insurance fails…

Unless you have a pretty healthy balance in your checking account, you may be looking for some assistance if your homeowner’s policy comes up short. Besides the obvious use of credit cards to pay for work on your home, there is government assistance you can use for help.

The U.S. Small Business Administration is the answer for many people. And not just those who own businesses. The SBA has money to loan to homeowners as well, those who find themselves in a situation where they need money to do necessary and significant repairs to their homes. The SBA has disaster loan application forms online that you can find with a simple online search.

As with all disaster restoration situations, it’s always smart to get the best help available. Do the right thing and call your favorite disaster restoration company. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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